Compost turner machine

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Jeetender Mallik (37) is a young farmer who has developed a compost making machine for mushroom cultivation to address labour shortage issues. This machine can properly turn and mix the compost, remove lumps and add moisture to it as well as a result good quality compost can be prepared in lesser time.


The village Seenkh, where Jeetender lives, is the border village between Panipat and Jind districts and is predominantly agriculture based. Most of the people grow wheat, paddy, maize and sugarcane. Theirs is the only family undertaking mushroom cultivation in the entire village and nearby areas. Jeetender has studied upto class 10th and has been engaged in agriculture ever since. He lives in a joint family with his parents and three brothers and their family. He is married and has a daughter and a son. In his free time, Jeetender likes to play volleyball.

techincial Features

  • No. of Motors : 2
  • Motor 1: 10 hp for rotating the blades
  • Motor 2: 2 hp to power rear wheel
  • A drum with tines/blades is fixed at its periphery & compost strikes to a net covering on top of the drum because of which clods in the compost are broken. On the side of the net there is a nozzle with a pipe, to spray water or chemical to kill fungus inside the compost.
  • Conveyer belt is attached at the rear side of the drum for collecting turned compost
  • S


  • It can properly turn and mix the compost ensuring that no lumps remain in it
  • It helps in reducing the disease of Yellow mold in Mushroom
  • It can add moisture and fungicide as well to control diseases
  • It can be operated on all the surfaces easily – hard (pakka like cemented floor) and soft (kachcha like farmer’s field)
  • Efficiency: Machine can heap mushroom compost of 200 ft. in length, 4 feet width and 4 feet height in 25 minutes. Using this machine, the time required for compost preparation is reduced considerably
  • Production of mushroom is about 5-10 % more than that through the conventional manual process

Jitender malik machine innovator

Name : Shri Jitendra Malik

District & State :  Panipat, Haryana

Category : Agricultural (General)

Award :   National

Award Function :   8th National Grassroots Innovation Awards

Award Year : 2015

Price :   Rs.2,88,000 (ex-factory India price + packaging). The price does not include transportation costs, taxes, etc.

Delivery Period : One Month


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Mushroom is a fungi. It belong in a kingdom of their own, separate from plants and animals. Fungi differ from plants and animals in the way they obtain their nutrients. Generally, plants make their food using the sun’s energy (photosynthesis), while animals eat, then internally digest, their food. Fungi do neither: their mycelium grows into or around the food source, secretes enzymes that digest the food externally, and the mycelium then absorbs the digested nutrients. There are exceptions to these generalizations; some organisms are placed into their respective kingdoms based on characteristics other than their feeding